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boats docked beside trees on river
boats docked beside trees on river

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Customizable Tours

At CaveneBodyGuides, we understand that every traveler has different interests and preferences. That's why we offer customizable tours to fit your needs. From adventure tours to cultural experiences, we have it all. We go wherever you want.

About CaveneBodyGuides

CaveneBodyGuides is a nontraditional tour guide company based in Jamaica. We provide safe and extraordinary tours all around the island. Our trained professionals tag along with you or your group in your provided transportation.

Professional Body Guides

Our guides are all trained para military service people who have years of experience in safety and security. They blend in with your group and provide a unique and safe experience for all travelers.

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Discover Jamaica's Hidden Gems

Experience the beauty and culture of Jamaica like never before with our incognito tours. From hidden beaches to local markets, our professional body guides will show you the real Jamaica.

Experience Jamaica like never before

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